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Welcome to Jesus Christ Fellowship!

Blessings in Jesus’ holy name! We are a “fellowship” of believers from all over Lake County and we thank God for the privilege of having you visit us online.

If you and your family are searching for something more in your spiritual life, more than the “traditional church,” Jesus Christ Fellowship seeks to offer the fullness of the Holy Spirit through prayer, worship and a love of God’s Holy Word. Our Lord has blessed us with a freedom in worship and experiencing a loving family, based on the power of Jesus Christ, our risen Lord. Like the gathering of early believers in various homes in Jerusalem, after Jesus ascended, our Fellowship shares praise reports and one another’s burdens, encouraging us to live our love of Jesus through real experiences of love, joy and faith, regardless of the circumstances. We see ourselves as a loving family, Christian ambassadors, supporting each other to model a victorious life according to God’s word, bringing hope to a dying world through the Good News of His Love and Saving Grace.

My wife, Leabeth and I, would love to get to know you better and answer any questions you may have about this exciting walk with God. Thank you, again, for being here, and God bless you!

In His Service, Senior Leaders Aaron & Leabeth York

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